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Entry #22

Truck Company

2012-12-28 23:10:27 by RogerU

To all of my collaborators on projects like Sprites ect.

I am very sorry I have dropped off the face of the earth. Have I given up on Sprites?

NEVER!!!! I will never give it up and I will release it when the time is right. It's like Blizzard if they feel like somehting isn't the best they can make it they won't release it... except diablo.

"But Roger where on earth are you?"

Fair question. My whole adult life I've been poor and I got an oppertunity to get in on the transportation industry. I now own a small trucking company and it's a 18 hour a day job right now. Fortunateley I am no longer worried about bills but it will be a while longer before I can release this beast called sprites.

That is all. You have my number if you need me.


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2013-02-25 20:36:13

Glad you're doing well! Keep on truckin'! <-- Heheheh but can't wait until the series continues