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very nice

This was a really awesome thing. It's like a high tech science book for kids or something

I'll buy

I'll buy the ballad of remus when I get some cash. can't wait!

ClickShake responds:

Thanks for your support!


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Fresh and fun! Kinda random.

Liked it alot. Very fast paced for an rpg.

I don't like the randomness. Your score depends completely on what you are randomly given and not your own skill.

Took me a few days.

I've been at the last boss for the last hour and ahalf and finally beat him. This was truly one of the best flash games I've ever played, no bugs, beautiful illustrations, and simple gameplay. loved loved LOVED it. Thanks for making. Looking foreward to the next one!

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Great graphics, Meh concept.

I love love love the graphics to this game. They are top notch!

I don't like the concept. You go and collect pages of a guy's journal that were stolen, and he just lays there and tans. That's very de-motivating.

When he asked me if I would go collect his journal pages, while he sits there and tans...

...I would have bitten him.

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Nice time killer.

It was fun to just sit and enjoy a nice sim game. I hope you'll make another. Next time add more music.



This was a GREAT sequel to the game and I LOVED all of the fixes but I have just one criticism.

This felt more like an update to the original than an actual sequel. Like an expansion or something.

Wow but too hard

I really REALLY thought this was a great game overall but it's just too hard! I can't even get past level 4 because the pieces get SO strong and give so little cash. So I give you a 10 for an enjoyable experience but I wish I could have gotten farther.

FrozenFire responds:

Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal.
You should use specials at points where you often lose.
You should use as many music attacks as possible.

I really enjoyed.

A challenging, yet not too challenging point and click with some humerous elements of sound and art.

I actually found this game to be quite funny. Well done and good job!

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